Tuesday, 22 July 2014


I've tried this beauty blogging malarky twice already but I've always given up because of other commitments, and by that I mean school work and exams.

But finally, I have left school (forever!!!!) and want to start blogging frequently. Blogs have always been a huge part of my life and I've read so many it's a little bit mental..

I want to have the impact on people that my favourite bloggers (Zoella, Vivianna Does Makeup, Sprinkle Of Glitter- the list could go on for a while..) have had on me. Blogs have taught me pretty much everything I know about make-up and skincare and just life in general and I will always be grateful for that. 

I love being creative and writing (my number one goal in life is to write a book before I die), and I love beauty products, so why not put the two together into one big bundle.. creating molthorpemakeup!! 

So, welcome to my humble abode. This blog will entail a lot of product reviews, hauls, favourites, and maybe even a giveaway or two if I ever get followers.. 

Love, Mol :-)